Kashmir lawyer Wasim became precedent; Not a ‘waste’ in marriage, hunger pangs


the hunger with that money. Seeing the passion and passion of this son of Kashmir, a lawyer by profession, other youth are also joining him in this mission. Advocate Wasim Ahmad of Humahama area adjacent to Srinagar, along with his team, spends the entire day delivering ration-water to the needy. For the last month and a half, noting his address on the phone calls of the needy daily and then sending ration to them has now become the motive of Wasim.

Wasim said to Dainik Jagran, putting the morsel in the mouth of the hungry is the biggest prayer. Told, my family is prosperous. The family wanted to marry me with pomp, but I refused them. I felt better than spending money on weddings to help the needy. What can be more noble than this? Two to 10 lakh rupees are spent on many types of Wajwan (meat) cooked at weddings here. I saved money spent on Vajwan by marrying simplicity. Now the same money is being used for the welfare of the poor in times of crisis.

Wasim said, due to the lockdown, weddings have been postponed here and what is happening is happening quite simply. Kashmiri youth affected by me have also joined this campaign.

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Wasim, I saw some needy people who were short of food. It was people who earn in the morning and eat in the evening. I decided to help such people by talking to my friends. Everyone got ready. I bought food items from the five lakh rupees saved from my marriage and started making food kits (rice, flour, oil, sugar, salt, chilli, tea etc.) to the needy. This trend is still going on. Some more youth have also joined our campaign and all are helping to collect money on their behalf.

Wasim said, so far our team has distributed food kits to many needy families. Hopefully, as long as there is a crisis of corona then they will continue to help the needy. After this, a campaign will be launched to help the daughters of poor families in their marriage.

I appeal to all young people to marry with simplicity. Whatever you have budgeted on marriage, help the needy people by saving money. There will be no benefit from spending extravagantly at weddings. Anyway, the Corona era has taught us a lot. So come forward. Believe me, it will be very comforting to help others.


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