Jyoti’s Ivanka Trump praised her father for cycling 1200 km after praising her, said this


New Delhi, agency. Jyoti is being discussed a lot at this time to reach Darbhanga (Bihar) from Gurugram, sitting on a bicycle and traveling 1200 km. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump, has tweeted and praised Jyoti.

Ivanka tweeted that 15-year-old Jyoti Kumari took her injured father by cycling 1,200 km in seven days to his village. Ivanka further wrote that this heroic tale of endurance and love has attracted the attention of the Indian people and the Cycling Federation of India.

Jyoti moved to Darbhanga from Gurugram to take father 

Explain that in the nationwide lockdown declared due to Corona crisis, migrant laborers got stuck in different places of the country. Thousands of workers started walking towards their homes on foot due to the closure of the operation of other modes of transport including trains. Since Jyoti’s father Mohan Paswan was injured in the accident a few months ago, he was unable to reach home on his own.

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Journey covered in 7 days

Daughter Jyoti got upset due to her father being trapped in the lockdown and one day she took a bicycle and walked with her father. Jyoti told that she started walking from Gurugram on May 10, riding her father on a bicycle and reached home on the evening of May 16. On the way he faced a lot of problems, although some people also helped him.

Father was brought on an old bicycle

Jyoti’s father used to drive auto by staying in Gurugram. She went with her mother to Gurugram on 30 January after her injuries in a road accident. After the mother came to the village, she continued to serve the father. Meanwhile, there was a lockdown in the third week of March. In a few days, when the accumulated capital was spent, seeing no way, Jyoti decided to return home by bicycle. On the insistence of Jyoti, the father bought an old bicycle for five hundred. On the night of May 10, the Divyang father sat on it and left for home from Gurugram. The people of the neighborhood were stunned when they reached home in eight days.


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