Itel Smart TV will repeat the success of smartphones: Arijit Talapatra


Smartphone brand itel has expanded its portfolio. Under this, the itel brand has entered the world of smart TV segment after smartphone. Itel has introduced three Series I, C and A of Smart TV in India. Itel is trying to reach every Indian home through Smart TV at affordable price point. What is itel preparing and what is the strategy in this effort. In this matter, we spoke to Arijit Talapatra, who is the CEO of Transsion India.

What is itel’s strategy to enter the TV segment?

itel is a leading brand in the feature phone market in India. Also, the itel brand is the leader in the smartphone segment priced below 7 thousand. At present, itel has more than 5 crore customer base. In such a situation, the itel brand has gained considerable progress. We have all achieved this because itel democratizes technology. Meaning makes technology affordable and accessible. We work on the Bottom of the Pyramid. Arijit said that the itel brand will replicate the success of smartphones with smart TVs. We introduced Smart Accessories in June 2020. Currently, there are many houses where TVs are not present. In this case, itel can prove to be a better option. There are 70 million people in India who have LCD or a normal TV. In such a situation, a magical product has been introduced from itel to Kanjmoor. We are offering a smart TV in every segment.

How are you looking at competition in the Indian Smart TV market, which is doing well in the affordable Smart TV segment?

We are introducing three series I, C and A of Smart Television Semagant in the market. It will have 32 to 55 inch smart TVs. Their price will be from Rs 7,999 to Rs 34,999. We are offering a great technology to the customer at different price points. In this, you get dual app store, frameless design, surround count quality.

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What innovative technology is being offered by itel in itel new smart TV?

Itel Smart TV has been introduced in affordable price point with futuristic technology and premium features. Smart TV has been given a very premium finish. The TV panel is quite slim. There is metallic housing, which gives a premium look to smart TVs. Itel’s i series Smart TV is absolutely frameless. It has a Bluetooth feature, which will be able to connect smart TV wirelessly. The Smart TV features 20W speakers, which come with Dolby Audio.

What is the plan for the festival sale?

– itel is an offline brand. We have more than 1200 distributors. There are also 1.40 thousand retail outlets. But if the customer is going towards online sale, then we are also focusing on online sale. Recently we launched itel Vision 1 smartphone, which comes with 3GB variants. We introduced it for online sale. During the sale, this smartphone went out of sale in just 10 minutes. In such a situation, we are focusing on e-commerce during Diwali. It is believed that due to the lockdown, this time Diwali may have 60% online sales. People in small towns and villages are moving towards online sales. In such a situation, we are also moving towards online.

With what per cent market share can the itel brand enter?

itel is expected to gain 7 to 8 per cent market share. We are a technology company. We are introducing some new technologies in every price segment. That is why we are saying Magic in Every Hand. In such a situation, we can start with 8 percent. After this, this market share will increase further.

How are smart TV cells seen during the epidemic?

– Our manufacturing is running in full phase. We have an All India Sales Team. We have 1200 distributors. Also the outlet is open. In such a situation, we are expecting a good sale of Smart TV. We are taking utmost care with SAIL in times of epidemic, so that the customer does not face any trouble during the festival season.

itel is a technology company. In such a situation, there has been a lot of demand for tech products and accessories during lockdown. Also, demand for many types of devices including smartphones has increased for online classes and other types of use. However, some challenges were faced in the early days of lockdown. The lack of labor force and supply and demand was affected. But now it is completely on track.



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