Investors’ trust in mutual funds in Corona Crisis, number of folios increased by 1.8 million in the June quarter

  • With this, the number of mutual fund folios has increased to 9.15 crores.
  • An investor can have more than one folio.

Investors’ confidence in mutual funds has increased in the last 3 months, the result of which is that there were 1.8 million investors in the mutual fund industry in the June quarter. With this, the total number of mutual fund folios has increased to 9.15 crores.

An investor can have more than one folio and the growth of 18 lakh investors in the folio does not mean that 18 lakh new investors have increased. Just as a person can have more than one bank account, similarly an investor can have more than one fellows. This is a unique number that identifies the investor.

Between February 15 and March 15, mutual fund folios grew by 50%.
Coronavirus continues to witness a decline in the Indian market. Even in this decline, Indian investors are getting mutual funds a lot. According to the report, there was an increase in the number of mutual fund folios. According to data from Computer Age Management Services (CAMS), mutual fund folios grew by 50% between February 15 and March 15, 2020.

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Can increase investment
When the price of equity falls, you should increase the investment instead of redeeming or closing it. When the market is at a lower level, instead of withdrawing money, you should invest more money in it, because withdrawing money will mean a big loss. In a falling market, you should invest slowly and taking advantage of the falling market, you can invest a little bit on every decline. By doing this, your risk will be managed.

Do not be afraid of ups and downs,
if you are a new investor, then be a little cautious in such times. Because, awareness in investment can save your money. Never be afraid of short term fluctuations and set long term goals. This will help you make the right investment.

What is a mutual fund?
Mutual fund companies raise money from investors. They invest this money in assets such as stock markets, bonds and government securities. In return, mutual funds also charge fees from investors. There are several different mutual fund houses in the country which appoint fund managers to invest. For those who do not know much about investing in the stock market, mutual funds are a good investment option.


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