Goldsmith made silver face mask for weddings in lockdown, record sales happening

This business has been started by Sunar Sandeep Sagaonkar of Belgaum district located on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra. He has sold more than 100 silver face masks so far.

new Delhi. Lockdown has been extended till 31 May due to Coronavirus infection in the country. In view of the danger of Covid 19, it has been made mandatory for all countrymen to wear a face mask. At the same time, industry-businesses have been badly affected during the lockdown in the country. The business of a jeweler (goldsmith) in Belgaum district of Karnataka was also stalled. Meanwhile, seeing the need for face mask, he started making silver face mask. Now their sales have increased rapidly. These silver face masks are specially made for weddings in lockdown.

This businessHas started by the goldsmith Sandeep Sagaonkar of Belgaum district located on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Due to the making of silver face mask, his business has gained momentum again. Sandeep says, ‘My business was badly affected like other business due to Kovid-19 epidemic. Then I thought of making a silver face mask and this business was done. Now a large number of people are ordering this. Many people are also buying it for giving as a gift at weddings.

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According to them, the weight of each silver face mask is between 25 and 35 grams. Its price ranges from Rs 2500 to Rs 3500. Just like the N95 mask. To buy it, an order has to be made a few days in advance.

After this business idea of ​​Sandeep, other local goldsmiths are also making a similar mask of silver. Due to the high price of gold, the demand for silver remains high. Sandeep says, ‘People buy these silver face masks to wear for only one day at weddings during lockdown. Nobody wants to spend more for a single time. I have sold more than 100 masks in about 1 week. The orders are still coming.


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