COVID-19 Weddings: Marriages are causing havoc due to Corona virus ..


New Delhi, Lifestyle Style Desk. COVID-19 Weddings: Dangerous corona virus changed the whole world in a few months and marriages also changed. Many people all over the world had to cancel or postpone their marriage due to this sudden epidemic and lockdown. Three months later, when the lockdown has begun to slowly open, weddings are returning. 

However, the rule laws have changed considerably. It is now prohibited to call more than 50 dignitaries at weddings. On one hand, the bride and groom’s parents are busy reducing the dignity, on the other hand, the bride and groom are engaged in buying the most important accessory mask and shield.

Yes, now face mask and face shield is the new accessory seen at weddings. It may be a little strange, but now that wearing a mask and face shield is a common thing, why not wear it with a smile. This year the bride and groom are going to do the same.

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Let’s take a look at the new bride of the year who is ready to take seven rounds with style and social distancing.

The bride Neha also made matching masks with her beautiful lehenga. Even his bride wore a matching black mask from her suit.

At the same time, makeup artists for brides are also coming with PPE kit. Bijal Gada, a makeup artist from Delhi, doing the bride’s makeup.

A bride from Assam tied the knot on 22 May 2020. He wore a handloom pat silk mask with his wedding couple. The bride wore an off-white silk zari sari for the wedding.