Congress ‘AAP’ serious allegations on government, corona figures getting smug in Delhi

  • Politics hot due to coronavirus in Delhi
  • Congress leader Ajay Maken (Ajay Maken) targeted the AK government

new Delhi. Coronavirus in India is serious around the country. In many states, the situation is continuously deteriorating. However, the situation in the national capital of India (coronavirus in Delhi) is now improving and new cases are coming down. But, the Congress has targeted the Delhi Government and the Central Government regarding this epidemic. Senior Congress leader Ajay Maken said that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is patrolling the Corona figures.

Maken attacks fiercely on Delhi government

Former Union Minister Ajay Maken said that Kejriwal Government is hiding not only the infection figures but also the death toll. He said that the media is also supporting this work of Kejriwal. The Congress leader said that the government is misleading people through advertisements. Maken claimed that the AAP government claims that there are 1.25 lakh corona cases in Delhi. But, I say that more people will be exposed to this epidemic. Ajay Maken said that the Delhi government is making new claims every day about Corona. Also, the case of Corona is presented in different ways.

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AK government is hiding data – Maken

Senior Congress leader Ajay Maken (Delhi Government) said that the figures of people who died from Corona (COVID-19 Death in Delhi) in Delhi are also being hidden. He said that there is a fierce game on death. There is also a mess in the date rate. He said that Delhi government is showing the lowest death rate in the world. However, it has no scale. He has questioned CM Arvind Kejriwal whether the best hospitals in the world exist in Delhi. He said that Delhi and Telangana are the two states where dead bodies are not being investigated. He said that the Delhi government has failed to overcome the corona. Significantly, the number of corona infected in Delhi has reached 127,364. Of these, 14,554 cases are active. 10,9065 people have been cured. Right there 3745 people have died of this epidemic. In the last 24 hours more than one thousand new cases of corona have been reported in Delhi. Recently some experts had claimed that new cases of corona in Delhi will no longer increase.



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