China’s counterattack on America, said – will not accept compensation or demand for damages


Beijing, PTI. The conflict between China and the US over the Kovid-19 epidemic is increasing everyday. China has clearly told the US that it will not accept any case in this matter … nor will it accept the demand for damages. In the event of a bill being passed in the US to blame China for the epidemic, China has also warned of retaliation against it.

The US has been holding China responsible for the Corona epidemic since the beginning. The US considers it a virus born in Wuhan. The case has been sued in the US along with the demand for damages from China. American politicians are also set to bring the bill responsible for China. In this regard, Chinese parliament spokesman Zhang Yessui said that all such allegations are baseless and against international laws.

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The Chinese spokesperson said that we will strongly oppose every move of the US and will see what happens there on the Bill. Will take retaliation according to the need. On the question of the virus originating in Wuhan, he said that recent reports have revealed that the corona virus was first seen in some other parts of the world. At the same time, US President Donald Trump has said that due to the negligence of China, there have been so many deaths worldwide.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry hit back at the US, saying that it is not right to blame anyone else for diverting attention from its troubles. China has fought a fierce battle to control the disease and has sacrificed a lot. Zhang stressed that China acted with transparency and provided necessary information to the World Health Organization (WHO) and many countries from time to time. 



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