Aditya Narayan did not want to go on a date with Shweta Aggarwal, mother did ‘setting’


When Shweta Agarwal rejected Aditya Narayan’s proposal of first date: Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal are going to get married in December. But do you know that this couple with a 10-year relationship has already suffered rejections? Shweta rejected Aditya’s proposal for the first time. The game was then reversed by mother Deepa Narayan.

TV host, singer and actor Aditya Nararan is very much in discussion these days. Aditya has been in the news for the past few weeks, from the wedding to the wrong report of the disturbance. These Nawabzade of Diggaj singer Udit Narayan are going to get married soon. Aditya will marry his girlfriend Shweta Aggarwal in December. The wedding date has also arrived and Venue is also fixed. Aditya and Shweta have been in relationship for the past 10 years. The two met for the first time on the sets of the film ‘Shaped’. But do you know that Shweta rejected Aditya for the first time. The story is fun. Will read from Tasalli.

Will be married in the temple on December 1

First of all, let us tell you that the wedding date of Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal has been fixed. Earlier it was estimated that the wedding would take place in November-December. It is now reported that both are getting married on 1 December. The wedding will take place in a simple ceremony in a temple. Corona is a period of transition, so don’t do too much frills.

Papad had to be rolled to wrangle Shweta

Now come to love life. Shweta Aggarwal is an actress. He acted opposite Aditya Narayan in the lead actor debut film ‘Shapit’. The two met for the first time on the set of the film and it was here that the meeting first turned into friendship and then love. But all this was not so easy, because Aditya had to make a lot of papad to woo and convince Shweta.

Mother gave the idea to take her on lunch date

While talking to our colleague ‘Zoom TV’, Aditya himself has revealed that Shweta had first turned down his proposal. Aditya tells when met on set. They started shooting together and the conversation started, so one day Aditya invited Shweta to take her on lunch date. Aditya also states that it was not his, but the idea of ​​his mother Deepa Narayan.

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Shweta rejected the offer

Aditya said, ‘However, I would not say his first date. This is because we were shooting for our film ‘Shapit’ at that time. I asked Shweta to hang out together and have lunch. It was not setup like date from anywhere. Actually, he rejected me as well. I asked him if we would go to lunch somewhere instead of set, then he refused.

Mother Deepa Narayan spoke to Shweta

Aditya says that later his mother talked to Shweta and said that you should go to lunch with Aditya, because you are doing the film together. Aditya says, “After this, Shweta and I went to Oshiwara’s ‘5 Spice’ Restaurant and she was also sitting there with her mouth full for 30 minutes, as if she has no interest in life.”

‘First time I liked Shweta’

Aditya laughs further, ‘It was very kind of me to sit in front of him. Finally, when the shooting of our film was over, I remember that some of my cousin had come. Those people came to Kolkata to meet me. I remember well that it was the first time I liked Shweta. She was very happy to see my bonding with the family. Then she realized that I am a family man and relationships matter to me. ‘

‘He had heard that I rotate girls’

Aditya says, ‘He had heard many things about me. Like I roll girls (laughs). So, I can understand why she was hesitant. While we were promoting our film, Shweta heard me singing and she thought that I sing well too. Overall, she fell in love with my voice first and then mine.



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