In today’s time, the incidence of bank fraud is increasing. In view of this, SBI Bank has warned customers. SBI has suggested ways to protect its customers from online fraud. At the same time people are advised to be careful. Let us tell you that SBI has given a way to avoid online fraud on Twitter. By adopting these methods, you can avoid the problem of online fraud and can also save the money in your bank account from being emptied.

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1 .SBI has told the customers that before you provide your user ID and password, please ensure that the login page URL starts with ‘https: //’ text and  not ‘https: //’.

2. If you are using Net Banking, then enter your user ID and password only on the authenticated login page.

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3 .SBI has said to give your personal information over phone / internet only when you have started a call or session and the person in front has been duly confirmed by you.

4. Do not share your net banking user ID and password with anyone.

5. The bank will never ask you to confirm your account information via e-mail. Neither will you ever have a call or SMS. So you should be careful.



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