• Rain In China: After several days of heavy rains, floods have engulfed many cities of China and affected millions of people.
  • 52.1 lakh people have been affected by heavy rain and flood in the Poyanghu Lake Valley of China’s Chiangxi Province.
  • Chinese state media has reported that 4.3 million people have been evacuated from flood-affected areas to safe places so far.

BeijingChina has been battling natural disasters since these days. After heavy rain for the past several days, floods have engulfed many cities of China and affected millions of people. More than 52 lakh people have been affected by the floods so far, while four lakh people have been taken to safer places. In Poyanghu Lake Valley of Chiangxi Province, China, 52.1 lakh people have been affected by heavy rains and floods.

While another China is suffering from heavy rain and Flood, on Sunday, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake shook the Earthquake In China. However, there is no news of any casualty due to the earthquake. So far more than 12 people have died in China due to floods.

Let us know that there is continuous heavy rain in many provinces of South China. Due to this, the water level of the surrounding rivers has increased significantly. Due to the rise in water level, the condition of prevention also remains critical. The water level of the four hydrological stations on Saturday remained above the peak level of 1998.

Floods destroyed millions of hectares

China’s state media has reported that millions of people have been affected due to floods after heavy rains. People are being evacuated to safer places. So far 4.3 lakh people have been evacuated from flood affected areas to safer places.

Apart from Chiangshi Province, the situation remains serious in Hupei and Hunan Province. The local government has shifted people to a safe place to ensure the life and property security of the citizens. According to the report, agricultural products have been affected in 4.5 lakh hectares due to floods.

China shaken by earthquake tremors

Let us tell you that amid heavy rains and floods, a north-eastern city of Tangshan in China got a 5.1 magnitude earthquake (Earthquake) on Sunday. However, no casualties were reported. The rail services to Tangshan, 160 km from Beijing, have been temporarily halted due to the earthquake and tracks are being inspected for fear of damage.

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The earthquake occurred at 6.38 am which was centered at a depth of 10 km. This was followed by a second tremor of 2.2 magnitude earthquake at seven o’clock.

Corona epidemic effect

The whole world, including China, is suffering from the Corona epidemic. The first case of coronavirus was found in Wuhan city of China, after which it spread all over the world. Alam is that 125 million people have been infected with this virus so far, while five and a half million people have died.

So far, about one lakh people have been infected with the Coronavirus In China, while about four and a half thousand people have died. America is most affected by Corona. More than 3 million people have been infected in the United States, while about 1.25 million people have died.


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