New Delhi, Business Desk. Air India began booking flights for North America and Europe on Friday and within two hours the airline’s website received 60 million hits. The government airline company has started booking outbound flights as part of the Vande Bharat campaign. This means these flights from India to North America and Europe and their demand was very high. Air India has tweeted and informed that in the third phase of the Vande Bharat campaign, booking of tickets for select destinations of US, Canada, UK and Europe started at 5 pm yesterday. The airline has said that as of eight in the morning, more than 22,000 seats have been sold. It has said that more seats will be added for more destinations in the coming times.  

In this context, Air India had tweeted on Friday in this context, “Booking for selected destinations of US, Canada, UK and Europe started in the third phase of Mission Vande Bharat Abhiyan at 5 pm today. By 7 pm, our website received around 60 million hits. In the first two hours, 1,700 seats were booked through the website alone. Booking is on and tickets are being issued. ”

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Earlier AI had tweeted, “There has been a lot of demand for seats for flights from India under Mission Vande Bharat-3. Sectors / flights on the website are being opened for booking systematically. ” 

Demand for seats from India on flights planned under Mission Vande Bharat-3 is overwhelming. Sectors / Flights are being opened in systematic manner for booking, on the website.


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