New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic Drink: Are you also looking for supplements and medicines that can boost your immune system to prevent corona virus. If yes, then we have a simple solution for you.

In such difficult times, we are all troubled and are trying to boost our immune system in some way. In such a situation, taking the help of Ayurveda can prove to be very beneficial.

How Ayurveda can help

Ayurveda has emerged as a reliable remedy in fighting the corona virus. Clinical trials for the use of ashwagandha, as well as medicines such as Guduchi and Yasthimadhu are constantly being researched. Even researchers from IIT Delhi in collaboration with Scientific University of Japan researched the use of ashwagandha. Which can be used in the production of Kovid-19 vaccine.

There are many powerful medicines and supplements in Ayurveda, which can be used for anti-viral properties. According to Ayurveda doctors, to prevent the corona virus epidemic, you can mix some medicines and make a decoction, which can give you many benefits.

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How to make this Ayurvedic decoction

For this you need:


-Cheat powder


– Basil seed

– Muleti 

Pour a glass of water into a pan. Put half and half teaspoon of all these medicines in boiling water and mix. Allow it to boil well and then leave to cool. Sieve and drink it. Apart from this, you can soak these medicines in water overnight and drink in the morning as well. Both these methods are beneficial.

If you find its taste a bit bitter or do not like it, then you can add one spoon of honey to it. Honey also helps in increasing immunity.

Benefits of this decoction

As we have told you that Ayurveda provides many benefits to your body without any side effects. All the ingredients used in this decoction work in various ways to remove toxins and benefit the immune system. 


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