New Delhi Modi Government 2.0: Common people are quite satisfied with the functioning of Modi Government. 62 percent believed that the government has met expectations or it has done more than expected. At the same time 90 percent people of the country believe that the Modi government has been effective in dealing with the Corona crisis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government is soon going to complete one year of its (second) term on May 30.

The government has taken many bold steps throughout the year. PM Modi was chosen by the big mandate. So expectations were high. The country’s major community social media platform Local Circles has known public opinion and evaluated the Modi government’s second term.

Survey conducted like this: Local Circles conducted this survey between 30 April to 14 May 2020. In this, the citizens of the country were asked for feedback on the one-year performance of the Modi government in 15 different areas. The survey received more than 1.27 lakh votes from more than 65 thousand citizens of 280 districts of the country. The survey was conducted at a time when the country was in lockdown and cases of Kovid-19 are increasing every week. The survey included 67 percent men and 33 percent women. At the same time 20 percent people from rural districts were included.

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Could India face unemployment in the last one year?

Do you feel that doing business has become easier in the last one year?

Has the government been effectively handling matters related to communalism in the last one year?

Has it been easy to establish, operate and grow a startup in the last one year?

Has the government been able to handle Parliament effectively and introduce major bills in the last one year?

Do you believe that there has been a decrease in terrorist incidents and terrorism against India or Indians in the last one year?

Do you feel that India’s image and influence has improved in the world in the last one year?

Do you believe that corruption has reduced in India in the last one year?

Do you believe that harassment by tax authorities has decreased over the year?

Do you feel optimistic about the future of yourself and your family in India?

Government is committed to fulfill the promises of manifestos?

Do you feel that in a year the prices of essential commodities and the cost of living have come down?

Do you feel that the government has taken enough steps in a year to improve air quality?

PM Modi is the most acceptable leader in Corona era

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the most accepted politician in the world. This is revealed in the survey by Morning Consult. Although Modi’s acceptance even before the Corona virus crisis was high and it has improved slightly at the moment. On March 17, 74 percent Indians stood in favor of the Prime Minister’s acceptance, while on May 19, this number increased to 8 percent to 82 percent. Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany are in second place in this list. US President Donald Trump is in fifth place.


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