New Delhi, Business Desk. On Wednesday, gold and silver futures prices have seen a significant decline. The futures price of five June 2020 gold on MCX was down by 0.56 per cent, or Rs 261, on Wednesday morning at Rs 46,061 per 10 grams. Apart from this, on Wednesday morning, the gold futures price of five August 2020 on MCX was down by 0.53 per cent or Rs 248 to trade at Rs 46,294 per 10 grams. Globally, gold and silver prices are seen falling on Wednesday morning.

Along with gold, silver futures price is also seen declining on Wednesday. On Wednesday morning on MCX, silver futures of July 3, 2020 were down by 0.47 per cent or Rs 223 to trade at Rs 47,598 per kg.

Talking about the international market, there is a decline in both gold futures and spot prices on Wednesday morning. According to Bloomberg, on Wednesday morning, the global futures price of gold was down 0.78 per cent, or $ 13.50, at $ 1714.70 an ounce on Comex. At the same time, the global spot price of gold was down by 0.26 percent or $ 4.38 to trade at $ 1,706.20 an ounce.

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Like gold on Wednesday morning in the global market, silver has also seen a fall in both futures and spot prices. The global spot price of silver was down by 0.54 percent, or $ 0.09, at $ 17.04 an ounce on Wednesday morning. At the same time, the global futures price of silver was down by 0.57 per cent or $ 0.10 on Comex on Wednesday morning at $ 17.50 an ounce.

Talking about the price of precious metals in addition to gold and silver in the global market, the spot price of platinum was down by 0.41 percent or $ 3.41 on Wednesday morning at $ 830 an ounce and the palladium spot price fell by 0.19 percent or $ 3.66. Also trending at $ 1952.24 an ounce.


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