New Delhi, Rajiv Kumar. The entire blueprint for the development of the second base pillar infrastructure of the grand building of self-sufficient India has been prepared. 111.30 lakh crore rupees will be spent on India’s infrastructure between FY 2020-25. The highest 24 percent of this will be spent on the energy sector. Social and digital infrastructure have also been included in the self-sufficient India’s infrastructure.

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his address that the grand building of self-sufficient India will stand on five pillars. The first pillar will be economy, second pillar infrastructure, third pillar system, fourth demography and fifth column demand. The Prime Minister had said that India’s infrastructure should be such that it can become the identity of modern India. The country also needs a world-class infrastructure to attract foreign investment. The reason behind this is that right now India’s ranking in many sectors related to infrastructure is very low.


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According to a recent National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) report submitted to the Finance Ministry, India ranks 70th among 140 countries in the World’s Infrastructure Quality Index. Electricity access (getting electricity) ranking is 105. India’s ranking in power quality is 108 while India’s ranking is 106 in terms of unsafe drinking water. India’s ranking in transport infrastructure is 28. The government wants to bring India to the top in the infrastructure sector in the next five years.

How much will be spent on which sector

    • The maximum energy sector will cost 24 percent. The road will cost 18 per cent, urban infra 17 per cent and railways 12 per cent. The energy sector includes electricity, renewable, nuclear power and petroleum and natural gas. A total of Rs 26,90,003 crore will be spent on this in five years.
    • There is a plan to spend Rs 2,033,823 crore on road infra in five years.
    • 1,367,563 crore will be spent on railways.
    • The port will cost Rs 121,194 crore.
    • 143,448 crore is estimated to be spent on the airport.
    • 19,19,267 crores will be spent on urban infrastructure.
    • Urban infra includes such things as smart cities, MRTS, cheap houses, water life missions.
    • Digital Communications will cost Rs 309,672 crore in five years.
    • A provision of Rs 894,473 crore has been made in the name of development of irrigation facility.
    • 773,915 crore is estimated to be spent on rural infrastructure which includes facilities like water and sanitation in villages.

  • A total of Rs 168,727 crore will be spent over five years on Agri and Food Processing Infra.
  • A total provision of Rs. 393,386 crore has been made for the development of social infrastructure. Social Infra includes areas such as higher education, school education, health and family welfare, sports and tourism.
  • A total of Rs 314,957 crore will be spent on industrial infrastructure. Industrial Infra includes steel with industries and internal trade


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