IIM-Indore joined hands with video sharing app TikTok (TikTok) on Thursday.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Indore) of Indore joined hands with video sharing app TikTok (TikTok) on Thursday. Under this nexus, ABCD of management will be taught to students and trainees by making short videos. Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, said that he has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tittock. He will create small video modules on the topics related to management of communication, communication, strategy, marketing etc. together with Tittock.

Video modules will be made

He told that IIM Indore will implement these video modules in its different courses. Since the institute also trains management professionals, government officials, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Therefore video modules will be prepared according to the special needs of these sections.

Rai said that he hopes that our alliances with the new-age platform Ticketock will help in skill development of the youth, which will also benefit the country’s economy in the future.