Here’s the latest list of the most-powerful passport in the world.

The Henley Passport Index ranks passports of countries that are provided visa on arrival in the most destinations. The index is published by Henley & Partners, a London-based global citizenship and residence advisory firm. The ranking is based on data of 199 passports from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The score given is the number of countries a passport holder can travel to without applying for a visa. Find out the 10 most-powerful passports in the world and where India ranks, the index was released in July 2019. (Image source: Reuters)

Rank 10 | Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia | Score: 179

Rank 9 | Australia, Iceland, Lithuania and New Zealand | Score: 180

Rank 8 | Czech Republic | Score: 181

Rank 7 | Malta | Score: 182

Rank 6 | United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Norway and United States | Score: 183

Rank 5 | Austria, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland | Score: 184

Rank 4 | France, Spain and Sweden | Score: 185

Rank 3 | Italy, Denmark and Luxembourg | Score: 186

Rank 2 | Finland, Germany and South Korea | Score: 187

Rank 1 | Japan and Singapore | Score: 189

Rank 86 | India along with Mauritania and Sao Tome and Principe | Score: 58


  1. Some of the greatest companies on earth are managed by Indians, most of the Silicon Valley who is who are Indians. The best scientists, medical professionals, professors in English speaking world’s leading nations like UK, USA are Indians. Even a close country like UAE where India had historic ties. Chinese can get entry visa Indians need prior arranged visa! We need to ask the question, why!? It is our stupid democracy and politics. Are we all exceptionally happy in GCC countries where there is so much of challenges!? Are we all happy with the salary perks and other benefits? Not at all. Can we resort to strike and other means to force our demand? NO.. So there are no issues. The communist who burns the first public transport and or government property in Kerala even a post graduate has no problem working in the back yard of a UAE nationals home as a laborer with the meagre salary he gets. No problems.. at times he works all his life there and no complaints and he may just get kicked off when he is old.. no pension and or other retirement benefits what so ever… But if the same man happens to get back to Kerala and gets into a job the next day on he will be part of the destroyers group.. first in front of processions, strikes, bandh and gharaos!!! Why? Because we gave freedom of expression without limits.. organized few can destabilize the life of majority for no flimsy reasons.. Freedom should come to those who appreciate the value of it.. Our people are herds .. lacks intelligence and or wisdom. At the behest of political masters they destroy public property which is their own money!!! These idiots do not realize their masters are using them and making money.. A coconut pluckers son with really scanty education becomes a billionaire.. what is his profession? Politics? What is his key still? The ability to utter nonsense in public rallies and influence the herds.. these stupid followers children suffer through out their life many becomes martyrs while the leaders send their children to the best institutions around the world, sets them up with biz magnets and or gets their own biz in safe places never exposed to any damages.. Still the stupid followers will stay in perpetual slavery to ideologies. How can you improve such country? China became the most powerful nation as their wise leadership was able to use their wisdom, resources snd strategic advantages without any disturbances to the betterment of their people’s lives.. The same way the benevolent autocracies of the GCCs were able to do everything good for their people.. Do freedom of expression in a highly populated highly illiterate nation should be curtailed… Then only country can create winning strategies and progress for the benefit of its citizens. Need to change. In India 6 years of Modi rule there is not one credible case of cheating by govt machinery but opposition is able to make irresponsible statements and damage the credibility of leaders and even the country… The looters who amassed wealth through cheating and looting their leaders are coming out of jail on bail one after the other makes irresponsible statements.. They are being greeted by thousands with cheers. The stupid legal system is never able to punish any leaders in spite of knowing that they are culprits as they are able to wipe away evidences.. because the 60 years of corrupt machinery they built protects them… Indians should be really ashamed if themselves. A small nation like UAE which is built with sweat snd blood of millions of Indians too are forging ahead and gaining worlds respect day after day exponentially while a thousands of year old civilization which was one of the richest countries in the second half of last millennium now nearly walking with a begging bowl still for more than half of its population!!! Snd who we adore? Invaders culture and their offsprings are celebrated.. the same invaders who looted the nation of of its wealth and rich culture and heritage are being celebrated.. Vote bank politics destroying a great country day by day.. And its citizens helping anti nationals. How can we gain respect from the world? Think India… think…

  2. Very thought provoking indeed!
    Be a proud Indian first.
    Let us talk of Nationalistic spirits duties instead of Rights only.
    Protest like a Japanese if needed.


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