Reliance Jiooffers unlimited validity period in 12 top up recharge vouchers priced from Rs. 10 to Rs. 5,000.

Reliance Jio currently offers 12 top up recharge packs. Priced between Rs. 10 and Rs. 5,000, these top up recharge vouchers come with unlimited validity period, according to the telecom company’s website – That means the “talktime” or talk-value added to a Reliance Jio prepaid connection by activating the recharge stays in the account indefinitely. Talktime refers to the value received by the subscriber in form of amount of money or minutes in a prepaid account on activation of a recharge coupon or voucher. This value can be consumed by the subscriber for using telecom services such as voice calls. Reliance Jio offers two kinds of top up recharge plans: those that come with regular talktime and those without.

Reliance Jio, the latest entrant in the country’s telecom sector, currently provides its prepaid users with three options to recharge their connection in the “regular talktime” category. These top up recharge coupons are priced at Rs. 10, Rs. 20 and Rs. 50, according to the Jio website.

Plan Validity Talktime benefit
Rs. 10 Unlimited Rs. 7.70
Rs. 20 Unlimited Rs. 15.39
Rs. 50 Unlimited Rs. 40.48

Rs. 10 top up Jio recharge

In a recharge voucher priced at Rs. 10, Jio provides a talktime value, or talktime, of Rs. 7.7. The subscriber is charged a processing fee of Rs. 1 on this top up recharge pack, according to Reliance Jio.

Rs. 20 top up Jio recharge

Reliance Jio charges a processing fee of Rs. 2 from the subscriber for its recharge plan priced at Rs. 20. That means the user gets Rs. 15.39 of talktime in this pack.

Rs. 50 top up Jio recharge

Reliance Jio’s prepaid top up recharge pack priced at Rs. 50 provides the subscriber with a talktime of Rs. 40.48, according to the telecom company.

Full talktime Jio recharge

Meanwhile, Reliance Jio offers nine recharge options in which the customer is not charged a processing fee. That means the entire amount of money that the subscriber pays is reflected in the Jio prepaid account as talktime.

Jio prepaid top up vouchers
Maximum retail price Monetary value (talktime) Processing fee Taxes
Rs. 10 Rs. 7.7 Rs. 1 Rs. 1.3
Rs. 20 Rs. 15.39 Rs. 2 Rs. 2.61
Rs. 50 Rs. 40.48 Rs. 3 Rs. 6.52
Rs. 100 Rs. 100 nil (Rs. 0) Rs. 13.04
Rs. 150 Rs. 150 nil Rs. 19.57
Rs. 200 Rs. 200 nil Rs. 26.09
Rs. 300 Rs. 300 nil Rs. 39.13
Rs. 500 Rs. 500 nil Rs. 65.22
Rs. 750 Rs. 750 nil Rs. 97.83
Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000 nil Rs. 130.43
Rs. 2,000 Rs. 2,000 nil Rs. 260.87
Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000 nil Rs. 652.17

These recharge plans – called “full talktime top up vouchers” – are priced at Rs. 100, Rs. 150, Rs. 200, Rs. 300, Rs. 500, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,000, Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 5,000.


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